Chris Gilmore's Cardboard Aston Martin: But is it Bulletproof?


Everyone loves the new James Bond, but we will stick with Sean Connery, and his Aston Martin DB8. Artist Chris Gilmore likes the DB8 so much that he built a full size one out of rubbish and calls it Pussy Galore. " By working with common, recycled items, such as cardboard and cigarette packets, Gilmour concentrates on the medium in its natural state, often preserving the original printing, tape, and labels to capture an essence of authenticity." According to Men's Style, "I wanted to take the idea of James Bond as this glamorous, invincible superhero and contrast it with an object made of total rubbish," explains Gilmour, who's asking $30,000 for his cardboard creation and takes care to note that the project wasn't intended as yet another crass product tie-in. "I started working on it long before I knew the film was even coming out, so it's a very happy coincidence." On show in New York until November 22 at ::Freight and Volume via