Chevy Volt Leads the Plug-In Pack in July Sales Numbers

It's Still Early Days for Plug-In Vehicles

The sales numbers are out for plug-in vehicles in the U.S. for the month of july, and it seems like the Chevrolet Volt has a nice lead. The comparison between all these vehicles isn't exactly fair, because some of them are constrained by production volumes, but it's still interesting to see how each model is faring right now.

So the Volt is #1 in july with 1,849 units sold, up from 125 units sold in July of 2011. This adds up to 10,666 units of the Volt sold this year, up from 2,870 units sold during the same period last year.


Toyota was #2 in plug-ins sold in the U.S. in july with 688 Prius plug-ins sold. Toyota has sold 5,035 plug-in Priuses (Prii?) so far this year (3.5% of the 143,297 Prius family units sold so far this year).

Nissan Leaf© Lloyd Alter

Nissan sold 395 units of the LEAF in July 2012, down 57.6% from July 2011’s 931 units. Year to date, Nissan has sold 3,543 LEAFs, down 26.3% from the 4,806 units sold during the same period in 2011. But Nissan says that things should bounce back when production begins in Tennessee. We'll see.

And then there's Ford, which sold 38 units of the Focus Electric in july. Ford has sold 135 units of the EV so far this year. This should also ramp up over time, hopefully.

As we saw with hybrids 10 years ago, things tend to start slow, but with the right conditions, the number of units sold can go up quite dramatically.


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