Chevy Volt gets new $4000-5000 cash-back incentives, 3-year lease now $269/month

GM Chevrolet Volt
© GM

Getting cheaper and better every year

When you add together economies of scale, incremental improvements (ie. batteries get a bit better every year) and, more rarely, technical breakthroughs, it's a given that plug-in vehicles would get cheaper over time. We've already seen this, with many manufacturers slashing their prices, and the trend continues with GM.

The 2013 Volt now comes with a $4,000 cash-back incentive, and the 2012 gets a juicy $5,000, according to Chevrolet. That's on top of all the tax credits and other incentives & perks from the federal and state level (some are non-monetary but great to have, like HOV access). And don't forget how much less it costs to charge a plug-in than to refuel a gas car...

The lease has also been reduced, starting at $269 a month for 36 months with $2,399 down.

GM Chevrolet Volt© GM

There's little doubt that GM is doing this in good part because it has to compete with now cheaper Nissan LEAFs, Honda Fit EVs, and such. That's good on many levels; good for people wanting to go electric, good for the number of EVs and PHEVs sold (the cheaper they are, the more units should be sold) which in turn should result in more electric charging stations, creating a virtuous cycle.

One cool thing that I'd like to see other EV makers copy is Honda's latest move: They now offer a charging station with the Fit EV. That's another great incentive to not have to worry about that.


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