Chevy Volt Gets 127 MPG Over 299 Miles of Real-World Driving

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Photo: saebaryo, Flickr, CC
Motor Trend's Jonny Lieberman is Impressed
Now things are getting really interesting for Volt watchers. More and more real-world data is coming in about the car's actual performance and fuel efficiency (as opposed to the incredibly ambiguous official numbers, since regular EPA MPG doesn't mean much for a plug-in hybrid). One of these real-world tests has been performed by Motor Trend, and after driving the Volt in all kinds of conditions (including up to 102 MPH with the air conditioning on), they came away impressed.

Photo: saebaryo, Flickr, CC
In normal, everyday driving we got 127 miles per gallon (fine, 126.7 mpg). Which is pretty amazing. Broken down, over the course of 299 miles on Los Angeles highways, byways and freeways, the Volt burned 2.36 gallons of gasoline (fine, 2.359 gallons -- we rounded up). Most other cars use up a tank of gas going 299 miles. The Volt, to reiterate, used 2.36 gallons over 299 miles. That's freaking amazing! (source)

They also point out that the kind of driving they did would have been impossible in the Nissan LEAF because of its limited 100 miles range (which would probably have been reduced by the extreme heat and A/C use), highlighting one of the benefits of plug-in hybrids over pure EVs.

I'll still waiting for more real-world data, but so far this augurs well.

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Via Motor Trend
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