Chevy Spark EV to be Priced Below $25k After Incentives

Chevy Spark EV© GM

Photos Ahead of Official Debut at L.A. Auto Show

The Chevrolet Spark EV might be a diminutive car, but it's an important vehicle for GM; it'll be the first 100% electric car they've made since the EV1 was crushed, to the dismay of its fans. The official announcement will be made very soon at the L.A. Auto Show, but in the meantime we've got a trickle of extra information from GM.

Chevy Spark EV© GM

Photos and Pricing

There are now more official photos of the new EV, which you can see above and below, but also some details on pricing, which is always crucial to the success of new plug-in cars. The official word is that the Chevy Spark EV will be "priced under $25,000 with tax incentives." So if you add back the $7,500 federal tax incentive, this should mean a pre-incentive price of under $32,500. To this you can add any state incentives that apply on top of the federal one.

Chevy Spark EV© GM

Available in These Markets at First

GM writes: "In addition to previously announced markets including California and South Korea, Spark EV will also go on sale in participating dealerships throughout Oregon, Canada and other global markets. Spark EV will be eligible for coveted high-occupancy vehicle (HOV) lanes in California." It's not clear what "other global markets" means at this point...

Hopefully as production ramps up, other states and countries will rapidly be added to the list, and the Spark will at least be available everywhere the Chevy Volt is.

Chevy Spark EV© GM

"Inside the Spark EV, critical vehicle functions are clearly and intuitively displayed on one of the vehicle’s two reconfigurable, high-resolution, seven-inch color LCD screens, including a confidence gauge that shows the expected driving range based on driving habits and other conditions."

Chevy Spark EV© GM

Chevy Spark EV© GM

Here's an older image that shows the drivetrain:


Stay tuned for more details very soon!

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