Chevrolet Volt Tops Consumer Reports’ Owner-Satisfaction Survey with 92%

Second Year in a Row

Pundits can say what they want about the Chevy Volt (and a lot of it is bullcrap), but the fact is, those who bought them and are actually driving them seem to be quite satisfied. Every year, the very independent consumer watchdog Consumer Reports asks its members to fill a survey about various products, including their vehicles, and one of the questions is: "Would you get the same vehicle if you had to do it all over again?" This goes straight to the heart of the matter, and for two years in a row, the Chevrolet Volt has topped this ranking, this year with 92% owner satisfaction.

"The Volt's two-year reign at the top of our satisfaction survey points to the continuing trend of owners' enthusiasm for cars that are fuel-efficient cars, especially as we see more and more hybrid and electric models hitting the market," said Consumer Reports’ Auto Editor Rik Paul. "The combination of sporty handling and strong engine performance also goes a long way in building loyalty and generating excitement among owners." (source)

In addition to the Volt, other fuel-efficient models that scored among the best were the Toyota Camry Hybrid, Prius, and Prius C, and Nissan Leaf.

GM Chevy Volt Factory© GM

Apparently very well built! Nice job on the engineering and quality control, GM! Certainly not something I would have expected to be saying a few years ago...

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