Cheaper Prius Version Coming

toyota prius

In a move to make its flagship hybrid Prius more affordable to a greater market, Toyota plans on introducing a new "standard" version in 2008 with a base price of $20,950 — about 5.5% less than the cheapest 2007 model. So what features are being taken away for the new "standard" model? According to Toyota, equipment such as cruise control and heated rear view mirrors — which did come with the low-end 2007 model — will be optional this time around. No word on whether the car's fuel consumption will be affected.

On the other hand, the Japanese company is planning on raising the base sticker prices of the 2008 mid-sized and Touring models of the Prius by $150 each. Considering some dealerships are now offering discounts of up to $2,000 on common options packages in light of increasing competition from competitors, we're not sure how much this will help boost their bottom line.

Would such a price drop make you more willing to invest in a Prius next year (albeit a "standard" version)? Or would you rather get the plug-in version?

Via ::The Cincinnati Post: Toyota will offer a cheaper Prius (newspaper)

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