Chasing Ethanol in Chicago


A blogger over at MPH is doing his darndest to "Live Green, Go Yellow" by piloting a ginormous but flex-fuel-ready Chevy Tahoe around Chicago looking for ethanol. The thing that stuck with the the author, Dave, the most was the way the station he visited marketed ethanol: "the lasting impact from this excursion was the station promoting the cost of E85, not the eco-friendliness." The sign in the picture above shows it twice: $2.45 vs $2.75 per gallon, and on the yellow (coincidence?) reader board below, which pretty clearly states how their bread is buttered. This entry was just Day One of a presumably longer experiment to see what it's like driving a car powered by corn, so no real world stats on dollar to mile ratios or anything, but it'll worth keeping an eye on for both real world experience and station-to-station marketing efforts. ::MPH Blog via ::Jalopnik