"Change Your World" Encourages Alternatives to Car

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New Campaign Aims for 10% Traffic Reduction
TreeHugger is all about liveable streets — from Manhattan's recent announcement of a temporary car-free zone to Bogota's extensive work to create pedestrian and bike-friendly infrastructure, there are tentative signs of a worldwide movement away from the motorcar and towards alternatives. A new campaign from UK cycling charity Sustrans aims to further encourage that trend. Change Your World, which runs from the 30th of June to the 5th of July, is asking participants to take at least one journey by bike, walking, public transport or car-sharing. The campaigns organizers point out that it doesn't take much to create a huge difference — if everyone took one less car journey a week we would see a 10% reduction in traffic. There are prizes to be won for those who take part, and a message will also be sent to Prime Minister Gordon Brown, showing just how much support there is for saner transport policies. This from the campaign's website:
"Do you remember being free range as a kid? Playing outside and getting around under your own steam? It seems kids today are missing out and the huge amount of traffic on our streets is partly to blame.

It doesn't have to be like this. By taking small steps together we can make a big change happen. All we're asking is that you swap just one car trip between 30 June - 5 July and walk, cycle, use public transport or car-share instead. Amazingly, if we all drove just one less journey a week, together we'd reduce car traffic by 10%."
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