Casual Car Pool: Easing the Commute in the Bay Area


TreeHugger is a big fan of carpooling, having featured such organizations as eRideShare, NuRide and Ridester on these pages before. These are all handy, effective services, though they require things like registration to their respective sites and specific instructions as to how the car pool or rideshare will go down (who picks up who, where you're going, etc.). Casual Car Pool take a different approach, offering Bay Area commuters a ride across the Bay Bridge, while avoiding the toll, and riding in the (theoretically faster) carpool lane, pre-registration or sign up not required. Just show up at one of the designated 20+ locations in Oakland, Berkeley and other Bay Area locales (many are near public transportation, so you don't have to drive to them), and catch a ride; cars with three or more people get to skip the toll and cruise in the carpool lane. No more fighting bridge traffic or fighting for a seat on BART, and the fewer cars on the road cuts back on congestion, emissions and parking difficulty in the city. The organization has been going for 30 years, so they're obviously doing something right, and we suspect there are many similar organizations in cities around the US and the world. Anyone else have a Casual Car Pool in your town? Leave details in the comments section below. ::Casual Car Pool via ::Eco-Chick

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