Casper the Commuting Cat: RIP

casper cat photo

Image from the Baltimore Sun

Some people say that the British treat their animals better than people. Apparently one out of every two families in the country has an animal. Maybe that's why Casper the commuting cat has been tugging at the heartstrings of the nation over the past week.

Casper was a 12 year old cat in Plymouth who has been catching the bus every day for 4 years. He would wait patiently at the door, curl up on the back seat and sleep for the round-trip ride of 11 miles. Then the bus driver would let him off back at his stop. Sadly, he was killed in a hit and run accident last week.

bus cat photo

Image from Mail Online

Who knows what he had been in his former life. Casper had been rescued from an animal shelter and named after Casper the Friendly Ghost because he had always been a free spirit and wandered off. However his owner didn't realize that he had been riding the buses for so long. There was even a notice in the bus drivers' coffee room asking drivers to look after him if he was seen sneaking on board.

Drivers at the bus company were also upset at the cat's death and said that "Casper touched many people's lives and clearly had a very exciting life - travelling around Plymouth and who knows where else. I suspect he's now exploring heaven and is telling all the other cats up there about the many adventures he had." A poster of the cat has been put on the side of one of the company's buses.

first bus photo

Image from the Herald

However, this cat has ten lives. Or you could say this is a story that will run and run. American publishers Simon & Schuster are going to publish a book telling the "amazing and heartwarming" story of Casper's life. Aimed at children and adults, it will include photos and interviews. The cat's owner says that she will donate proceeds from its sale to charity.

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