"Cars NOT Carbon" Marketing Challenge Winners Announced


TreeHugger generally doesn't like to promote individual passenger car use, since there are so many other forms of transportation that are so much more efficient. However, we do try to embrace relativism and remain realistic about our current habits as humans (as relatively dirty and "so 20th century" as they may be). When it comes to one of these habits -- piloting our own cars -- we encourage folks to reduce as much as possible, and want to help make the rest of your use as green as possible. To this end, we have some help (in the UK, at least), from LowCVP. After challenging marketing agencies and educational organizations to develop an effective marketing campaign or execution based on "real world" low carbon issues, LowCVP, the UK-based Low Carbon Vehicle Partnership (we've mentioned them before), announced the winners of their "Cars NOT Carbon" marketing competition last week.As the focal point for the LowCVP annual conference, the competition winners in the categories of "Low Carbon Passenger Cars", "Low Carbon Fuels", "Smarter Driving" and "Responsible Vehicle Use" (pictured above) recognize that, for the moment, cars (and their relative pollution and contribution of greenhouse gases to the atmosphere) are a fact of life, so we need to make them green(er). By addressing the "real world" angle -- meaning that the majority of folks will not sell their cars and hop on a bike just because we tell them to -- the competition hopes to show that it's quick, easy and relatively painless to take incremental steps in greening car use. More winning campaigns are below.


In the "Low Carbon Passenger Cars" category, Stockport College of F & HE won for their
"Toyota Prius Hybrid" campaign [PDF]


Another winner in the "Low Carbon Passenger Cars" was Intelligent Marketing's
"Know your Carbon" campaign [PDF]


In the "Responsible Vehicle Use" category, AN Marketing Services won for their
"Make your Transport Public" campaign [PDF]


In the "Smarter Driving" category, Ideas London was recognized for their "Drive Smart Drive Green" campaign [PDF]

More info about the contest, winners and commendations at ::LowCVP via ::Core77

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