Carectomy: Removing Cars From People


Coincidentally, just after writing about Land Use and Climate Change, I happened to surf over to Carectomy, to see that "a newly published research project published by the Urban Land Institute points out, improving vehicle efficiency alone won't make a dent in the United States' role in global warming....The study finds that one of the most effective way to decrease car use and associated greenhouse gas emissions is to develop more compact "green neighborhoods."

Carectomy is a new website from the ecogeek crew, who "just want to eliminate the tedious, dangerous, inconvenient reign of automobiles." They propose major surgery:"once you've diagnosed yourself with unhappy car dependent syndrome, that's when you need to come to Learn how people, cities, countries and the world are removing cars from themselves. Mass transportation, two-wheeled options and better urban planning are only a few things that we can use to scrape off that mass of steel and rubber that's been stuck to your butt for all these years." The Doctor is always in at ::Carectomy

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