Cardboard Kids Slow Down Drivers


A peril of city life is the speeding driver, endangering children and scaring bicyclists. We all have a right to share the roads but the cars win every time. Some cities install traffic calming devices like bumps and mazes, but other cities think the car is king and won't do anything to slow the cars down. Mike Wood of West Salem, Ohio took matters into his own hands and started manufacturing homemade full size cutout children. Local News 6 reports "First when (motorists) saw them, it scared them that the kids were so close to the road," Woods said. "And they thought why are they letting their kids play next to the road like that?" The Woods family house is on the fringe of town so many drivers have a tough time slowing down to 35 mph. Now he is getting calls from police departments and neighbourhood associations from across the USA. ::Local 6 News via ::Trendhunter



Mike Wood making the pictures.