Carbon Offsets for Your Private Jet Flying Pal?


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The Big Cheese behind TreeHugger, Graham Hill, hit the Arctic as part of Cape Farewell's 2008 Disko Bay expedition to witness the direct environmental effects of climate change. Packed in snugly on a science research boat with over 40 artists, scientists and rock stars, Graham recounts his journey and the unforgettable moments that made it so meaningful.

On my trip to the Arctic, we spent many a night leisurely dining over good conversation--just one of the perks of being stuck on a boat with a crew of dynamic personalities.

One night, Lori Majewski of discussed a quandary she had found herself in. A well to-do friend was to be married and owned a private jet. She needed to buy him a wedding gift and was considering carbon offsets for his plane. However, she was originally leaning towards not giving the offsets as she thought that that would be effectively giving him permission to keep flying his private jet.

So, dear reader, we pose the following question to you...If put in Lori's position, would you have given offsets and why or why not?

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