CARB Delays Decision, Plug-In Hybrid Conversion Startups Dodge a Bullet

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Plug-in Hybrid Conversion Might Survive in California
Last week we wrote about CARB's imminent decision about new regulation that could kill plug-in hybrid conversion companies in California. At the very last minute, CARB decided to delay its ruling and take another look at the implications that its decision would have on plug-in conversion startups.

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Calcars, a group advocating for PHEV in California, wrote the following statement:

We're very pleased to report that at today's California Air Resources Board hearing, the CARB Board decided to take another look at the implications for the aftermarket conversion industry tof proposed staff regulations for PHEVs. (See our previous postings at news-archive.html .) In a move with very positive implications, CARB took action to keep alive the possibility that an industry of converters of both hybrid and non-hybrid vehicles can grow and flourish, helping to reduce greenhouse gases in cars that are on the road, creating new local jobs, and further motivating the auto industry to mass-produce plug-in hybrids and all-electric vehicles.

But let's not read too much into this delay. Maybe CARB will still decide the same thing and apply the same standards to small conversion shops as to big automakers, but at least now there's hope.

Hybrid cars that have been converted to plug-in hybrids should pass smog tests, but I'm sure there are ways to tests cars that are much less expensive than what CARB proposed (f.ex. just make the vehicles pass a regular smog test after the conversion).

Via Calcars
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