Car-sitters vs. Car Crushers: GM EV Vigil

Yesterday, a contest of will began in Burbank, Calif., as citizens and celebrities (well, Ed Begley, Jr., anyway) went to toe-to-toe with the auto industry at Car-sitters vs. Car Crushers: GM EV Vigil, with the hope of rescuing the last of the petroleum-free, pollution-free electric EV1 vehicles and to protest General Motor's confiscation and destruction of the all-electric, zero-emission commuter cars. Defenders called upon GM to rescue remaining EV1’s, revive its all-electric vehicle program, and meet demand for the vehicles. The protest was scheduled to coincide with the Kyoto climate protections protocol that went into effect yesterday, with the very underwhelming support of the U.S. government.

The EV1 was first released by GM in 1996, when the manufacturer leased about 800 of the cars in Arizona and California. But despite public demand and long waiting lists for the vehicles, GM began reclaiming the cars in 2000, sending them to sit in parking lots before finally crushing them. As of yesterday, approximately 77 EV1’s remained in in General Motor's parking lot in Burbank, where defenders, encouraged by the success and growth of other movements worldwide to challenge the auto industry's destruction of electric vehicles, are guarding them. Other successful protests against the industry have resulted in the Ford Motor Company's decision to resell, rather than scrap, its U.S. fleet of Th!nk cars last fall, which, due to public pressure, are now being resold in Norway. Likewise, last month, an eight-day public vigil in Sacramento, Calif. forced Ford to resell its all-electric Ranger pickup trucks. We’ll keep you posted. Thanks for the tip, Remy C! ::Rainforest Action Network [by MO]



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