Car Rentals On-Demand: Mint (Video)

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Mint Cars on Demand in New York City is a new alternative to car ownership, 24 HR Rental Cars, Taxi's and Public Transportation. Members get on demand access to vehicles 24/7 for as little as an hour or as much as several days. Mint claims a diverse fleet of fuel efficient vehicles such as Smart Cars, as well as some old-school non-ecomobiles which the company calls "fun cars for that special occasion." We'll stick the green machines, thank you very much. Drive your Smart Car over the jump to watch the video and to find out about the amazing pricing information.
Green Bennies

Mint helps reduce the carbon footprint of New Yorkers by taking cars off the road which means, less traffic, less pollution and a reduced dependency on fossil fuel. Other advantages are that Mint members don't have to deal with car payments, insurance, maintenance or (and this leaves more room for pedestrians and bikes) parking.

Mint Cars on Demand: How it Works

Drivers use the Drive Mint website to pay a one-time application fee and if approved they receive a smart card which is swiped on the vehicle's sensor to gain immediate entry. The website also let's you find car locations and availability

Now, Mint, has a very special offer: It’s charging just two dollars per hour to rent a car Monday through Thursday. Let’s drive! »
via: Susty | EcoWonk