Car Pooling is Still a Growing Trend

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Even though gas is cheap now, more and more people are seeing car pooling as a way to save money. Interest in the concept is spreading as more countries set up car sharing opportunities. Here's a run-down of the many places where it is becoming popular.

MassRides in Massachusetts is a state-wide effort to promote car-pooling. They have found that the number of applicants doubled last year and things haven't slowed down because people are worried about the economy.


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In Germany, more than 700,000 people use the Mitzfahrzentrale ride-sharing agencies which is on-line for convenience. It has around 150,000 offered rides per month, and is an easy way to travel. Eon, a German energy company, runs a Green Travel scheme in which its employees get money for reducing car use.

Zipcars are now popping up in many cities in Canada, the US and Europe. It allows you to rent a car by the hour, picking it up and dropping it off at convenient points.

In the US there is also Zimride and Goloco.

However, a recent New York Times article points out that the number of people carpooling has decreased between 1980 and 2007: "Although there is anecdotal data that carpooling rose during the recent spike in gasoline prices, American drivers have historically preferred solo trips. About three-quarters of workers in the United States drive alone." Financial Times and psfk
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