Car on a Stick by Ross Lovegrove


I mean, it's bad enough that cars clog the roads and consume fuel; when they are not running they need parking lots for storage and don't do anything useful. What the world needs is a solar powered all electric car. On a stick. That way, when you need to park, it frees up ground space. Oh, and once it is up there it acts as a streetlight.


That is what industrial designer Ross Lovegrove thinks.


The vehicles are designed to carry four passengers plus shopping, which is stored in recesses on the floor. The cars navigate automatically via voice command and satellite navigation.::Dezeen



Lovegrove: "So what you have here is a bubble car" very little material, transparent, very human, delicate, gentle, carrying people, democratic for all of us, non-polluting, no noise."


"Maybe at night you do need a bit of light in the bubble so when you're travelling through a city people can see you. You'd get this lovely low level of these ghostly people, beautiful, just moving through the city" ::CNN