Can Electric Cars Survive the Canadian Winter?

mitsubishi i-miev electric car photo

Photo: Flickr, CC
Mitsubishi to Test its Electric Cars in Harsh Winter Conditions
Before electric cars can be sold in regions with very cold winters, they have to be properly tested to make sure that their performances don't degrade too much under winter conditions. Mitsubishi has decided to test its i MiEV electric car in Canada next winter.
mitsubishi i-miev electric car photo

Photo: Flickr, CC

At least 50 i MiEVs will be tested in Québec as part of a deal with the state-owned provincial utility, Hydro-Québec. This means that the EVs will be charged with electricity coming from hydropower (keeping CO2 emissions to a minimum).

Hopefully electric range doesn't go down too much in the cold. If it does, maybe Northern countries will have to wait until battery technology improves some more before electric cars make sense up there. After all, you don't want to buy a car that has a state range of 100 miles and find out that this is reduced by more than half during the winter (and even more during extremely cold days).

Via Globe and Mail
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