California Ranks Transit Fuels On Lifecycle Merits

Today, Friday the 18th, the US State of California is unveiling a ranking of greenhouse gas emissions from motor fuels with the goal of encouraging people to use low-carbon alternatives. 'Scientists will reveal the formula for calculating the amount of greenhouse gases emitted from the full life-cycle of various fuels — from extraction and harvesting to combustion — said David Crane, an adviser to California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger. The rankings will calculate emissions of inputs used to make the fuels, such as the fertilizer and diesel used to grow and harvest corn-based ethanol from the U.S. Midwest, or the diesel and natural gas burned to dig and melt crude from Canada's tarry oil sands.' Note: This ranking could turn out to be an extremely important development for the USA and the world, for that matter. Expect anger and political spin at stratospheric levels from those that have invested deeply in fuels ranked below the median position. There also may be huge repercussions for both Federal and state farm policies, depending on whether ethanol gets a good, a neutral, or a poor grade. Finally, the energy security and climate protection dimensions can be compared on a single time axis. (It almost seems as if someone came to us from the distant future, to complete this work so we might avoid the waste and misfortune that would otherwise result if the wrong choices are made.) Readers: please let us know as soon as you find a link to the official State ranking. Via:: MSNBC

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