Calcutta Tramways Buses Make Switch to Biodiesel Blend: 35% Lower Pollution Expected

kolkata bus photo

photo: Richard via flickr

Indian Railways has already been running some of its trains on biodiesel. Now Calcutta Tramways Corporation has announced that it will be running its buses partly on biodiesel: A memorandum of understanding with Emami Biotech was signed last week for the supply of 250 kiloliters per month of biodiesel. Here are more details:Biofuels Digest points out that while Indian Railways made the switch for financial reasons, CTC is adopting the use of biofuel with the environment front and center. CTC Managing Director PK Chattopadhyay,

The financial benefits are secondary...During trials conducted in January, we have seen a 35% improvement in smoke value. That means emissions from buses, which use a mix of diesel and biodiesel (B20), emit 35% less pollutants than those using only diesel.

Those secondary financial reasons? CTC expects it will save $1000 per month by using a B20 blend of biodiesel.

via: India PR Wire, Biofuels Digest
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