BYD Delays Sale of Electric Cars in North-America to 2011

BYD F3DM Chinese Car photo

After the Tesla Model S, Here Comes BYD's F3DM...
It was only a couple weeks ago that BYD's F3DM plug-in hybrid went on sale in China. At that time, BYD still said it had plans to "bring the F3DM to the US in 2010", but that has now changed without much in the way of explanations. Read on for more.
BYD F3DM Plug-in Hybrid Car

Via Reuters:

China's BYD Co (1211.HK) plans to sell its plug-in hybrid cars, the country's first homegrown electric vehicle, in European and U.S. markets in 2011, BYD chairman Wang Chuan Fu told reporters.

BYD, which is 10 percent owned by U.S. investor Warren Buffett, originally aimed to sell the hybrid cars abroad in 2010 but Wang would not give any reasons for the delay.

We can probably safely guess that the huge drop in car sales in the US is mainly responsible, and maybe the low oil prices also play a part.

The "glass half full" way to look at this is to think that at least when the US and Europe finally get the BYD F3DM, it will be a more mature version. Hopefully the kinks will have been ironed out...

Via Reuters

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