Burley Bike Trailers

A wee while since we’ve had a bicycle trailer here, (such as the Evolution) so let’s fill that void with Burley. An very apt ‘beefy’ brand name, just right for their Nomad model (pictured), which they reckon will cope with a whopping load of 100 lbs (45 kg). Having two wheels allows it to easily manage such mammoth capacity, Whereas other beasts of burden, like the equally useful but single wheeled BOB Yaks are only comfortable with about 70 lbs (32 kg). The Burley Nomad has a large, easy-to-access cargo space with a weatherproof cover, but if that room is not enough, you can add an additional rack above. Disassembles swiftly and packs away into optional carry bags for storage or carriage. Burley also do kids trailers as well as the Flatbed, (pic below) which is just like a utility ‘pick up’ for bikes, perfect for hauling odd sized and shaped loads. ::Burley Trailers

The Burley Flatbed