Build this Car: 1000 hours, 2500 Bucks, 100 MPG


Jory Squibb built this handsome vehicle (the Moonbeam) from two old Honda scooters over the course of a year. It has a variable speed transmission, interior heat from water-cooling of the engine, and room for two intimate people. We love the way the roof works- a fine convertible when open, sealed tight when pulled shut. Top speed is only 45 mile per hour, but there are lots of low-speed urban vehicles around. Very simple controls- "I wanted to steer with handlebars using all the electrical controls, brakes, throttle, as well as the speedometer cluster. This is such a major simplification!" Not only that, Jory is kind enough to put full instructions and pictures on his website so that we can all start tomorrow. Jory says " "Moonbeam" is clunkier than I had hoped: a rolling tribute to all my mistakes. But being a prototype, and not a production car, its purpose is to try out an idea, which can then be later refined. Maybe you, yourself, will carry the project a step further! ::Jory Squibb via ::Business Week