BugE Electric Three-Wheeler


Here at TreeHugger, we've seen our fair share of enclosed recumbent bikes (known by some as velomobiles) and electric three-wheeled scooters, but never in the same package...until now. The BugE is an all-electric, three-wheeled, single-person ride with a head-turning, rocketship-esque design. Despite the futuristic looks, it offers performance fairly common to other smallish EVs available today, with 30-40 mile range and 50 mph top speed using lead acid batteries. The range is dependent on the speed (20 miles at 40 mph, 30 miles at 30 mph, 40 miles at 20 mph) and can go 25 miles on the energy it takes to run a dishwasher for one load, which works out to about 1 penny per mile. The open sides may hinder its ability to be a four-season vehicle, but it appears to offer better protection than a conventional bike or scooter; check out a video of it in action here. The designer, Mark Murphy, is still putting it through its paces, but his goal is to sell the BugE as a kit for about $3,000 or fully assembled for about $4,000. ::BugE via ::AutoblogGreen