Buddhist Priest at this 750 years old temple was one of the first to buy an electric LEAF. Here's why.

Buddhist priest and Nissan LEAF electric car
Screen capture Youtube

Nissan has been in a celebratory mood lately, no doubt because of its recent milestone of 100,000 LEAF electric cars sold. It released a video showing how one of the very first people to buy a LEAF worldwide is doing now, a few years later. The customer is particularly interesting: Mr. Wasei Hirai is a Buddhist priest at a 750 years old temple in Tokyo, Japan. Not necessarily the first person that might come to mind when you think "early adopter" and "electric cars"...

"Surprisingly, the innovative aspect of the Nissan LEAF matches this old temple quite naturally," Wasei Hirai said. "So, I believe that such a temple should take the initiative to propose messages about the environment and a way of living. I think the day will come that whenever people think of a car, it will be an electric car."

This vide shows the man and the temple, as well as the electric car and how it is used. Such a beautiful temple too:

Buddhist priest and Nissan LEAF electric carYoutube/Screen capture

Buddhist priest and Nissan LEAF electric carYoutube/Screen capture

Via Nissan

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