British Retailer Tesco Deploying MODEC Electric Vans

tesco's modec electric vans
When we last encountered MODEC's sleek line of EV vans, they had just been introduced in Britain and were being trumpeted for their "economically, ergonomically, and environmentally friendly" technology. Now it seems as though they're finally seeing some real action on the road as part of British supermarket-chain extraordinaire Tesco's home delivery fleet.

As the first major company to invest in MODEC's vans, Laura Wade-Gery — the CEO of the chain's online presence — didn't pull any punches in boasting of Tesco's bold green step forward: "Tesco has made a commitment to significantly reduce CO2 emissions throughout the business, and we’re very proud to be the first company to invest in this new van technology, helping to create a low-carbon society." According to MODEC, its zero-emission vans will each save 21 tons of carbon dioxide a year — a figure they equate with driving 51,000 miles in a standard car.

modec factory floor

Each van will be equipped with eutectic refrigeration panels — filled with brines and a refrigerant gas — that will be re-charged every night to retain their low temperature during the day. Compared to conventional refrigeration units, these panels are less likely to leak damaging hydrofluorocarbon gas (HFC).

Another plus: once the vans finally reach the end of their working lives, company officials estimate that over 90% of each should be recyclable.

tesco's modec electric vans

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