Breaking News: TH!NK Electric Cars Gets Massive Funding Boost

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Image credit: ElectricAid
TH!NK Electric Car Company Receives Huge Cash Injection
TH!NK may have been considering a leap into the US electric vehicle market, but the Norwegian electric car company's well-publicized financial struggles have had commentators on tenter hooks to see if this promising little enterprise can survive. Now campaigners who have been pushing for government support of EVs have reason to celebrate - TH!NK just announced a massive cash injection from anonymous investors that should put the company on a path to profitability.
The news about TH!NK's change in financial fortunes comes to us via the fabulous ElectricAid (the same folks who brought us this great video review of the TH!NK City EV):

The Norwegian news wires is bombarded today with the news of Think getting $40-50 million dollars from new and anonymous investors. Think's C.E.O Richard Canny tells that the fresh capital is enough to put the company on a path towards profitability. The company still have to complete it's debt consolidation process before they can resume production but we still feel this occasion calls for some celebration.

ElectricAid will continue their push for government guarantees of EV purchase orders, but in the meantime they decided to release this rather random video celebration of the TH!NK electric car. Can anyone tell these guys are enthusiasts? But who can blame them for celebrating - this is huge news for those watching the fledgling EV market.

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