Brazil Has Enough Ethanol For "One More Round and a SixPack to Go"


In Brazil, rising use of flex-fuel cars and ethanol exports have raised concerns about ethanol fuel availability. Global sustainability would be the proper frame. "Some local experts are expecting a much greater reduction in domestic ethanol consumption, due to its record high price, which is prompting more and more vehicle owners to choose gasoline over ethanol at the pump". Additonally, "Brazil recently reduced the amount of ethanol it mixes into gasoline to 20% , from 25% ..." Elsewhere, Brazil says its ethanol exports will likely double in 2010 largely to Japan and Sweden, which hope that using ethanol will help them meet their obligations under the Kyoto Protocol to cut emissions. Foreign buyers of Brazilian ethanol are watching supplies before they decide whether to move ahead with their own ethanol fuel additive programs.

We were wondering how it was that Sweden hoped to keep commercial transit going without oil . Looks like the idea was to switch to alcohol from Brazil, something which we will have to wait for the proverbial "manana " to test the worthiness of.