Brammo Raises $10 Million for Kickass Enertia Electric Motorcycle

Brammo Enertia electric motorcycle photo
Enertia Electric Motorcycle
Brammo has just raised $10 million from investors that include Best Buy Capital (will we see electric motorcycles in Best Buy stores?) to move forward production on the Enertia electric motorcycle. It's a bit similar to the Zero X lithium-ion electric dirt bike, except that it's a road bike.

Read on for more technical details on the Enertia electric motorcycle.Brammo Enertia electric motorcycle photo
Technical Details on the Enertia Electric Motorcycle
The Enertia gets 45 miles per charge, comes with GPS and is WiFi-enabled (?!), with the goal of helping you calculate your carbon savings. At 3.1 kWh, the Enertia's battery contains more than twice as much power as the NiMH battery pack in the Toyota Prius.

At it’s quickest setting, the Enertia will sprint from 0 to 30 mph in 3.8 seconds, and 0 to 40 mph in 5.8 seconds. Top speed is 50+ mph, and it takes about 3 hours to recharge the battery.

The cost is about $15k if you want the first batch of bikes (around Q3 2008), or $12k if you can wait until later. Around 100k people have already expressed interest via Brammo’s website, but who knows how many of those will actually buy. Some people will probably wait for Honda and Yamaha to make electric motorcycles in 2010-2011...

Brammo Enertia electric motorcycle photo
Brammo Enertia electric motorcycle photo

The above was on Brammo's website. It's a bit misleading since it calculates MPG based on cost and not on actual energy used, but even if they did that, the MPG figure would probably be very high.

Via PEHub, AutoblogGreen
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