Brake Lights and Indicators for Cyclists - Reactiv Jacket


Biking in cities can be dangerous, especially if people don't see you. This can be solved by using lots of lights, but it's still hard to tell what a cyclist is planning on doing - unlike a car which has brake lights and indicators. The Reactiv cycling jacket is intended to bring this extra safety to cyclists, by giving them indicators and brake lights too.

LEDs are built into the back and sleeves of the jacket, powered by a battery pack. The rider’s back lights up green when they are accelerating or going at a constant speed and red when they brake. There are also indicator lights built into each sleeve which are triggered when the rider raises their arm to indicate. It has been designed by Michael Chen, who has just won a Dyson design award for the product, and hopes to find a manufacturer soon and ultimately market it for around £100. He said, "There is a lot of hostility from bus and cab drivers towards cyclists. Cyclists are brave. It is so dangerous without bike lanes. When I visited Korea last year, I noticed their cities had better bike lanes than London." ::Daily Mail via ::Auto Blog Green

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