Brainy Students Build Kick-Ass Car

Solar-Hydrogen truck.jpg
Forget about go-carts and soapbox derbies, a group of Arizona high-school students and their physics teacher turned a Chevy pickup into a hydrogen-generating, solar-powered, self-sustaining, pollution-free ride...The truck is hydrogen-powered and, get this, creates its own fuel (!!) from solar energy and water—even Ford and Toyota aren’t doing that--but still uses an internal combustion engine.

Here's what happens: Solar panels create energy for the six electrolysis units that make up the solar-hydrogen production unit. The pure hydrogen is filtered for impurities and stored in two large air tanks. (Pure hydrogen is non-combustible, btw.) The hydrogen is then fed into the engine. The truck also can be shifted to conventional power using a dashboard switch, which changes the fuel system over to a gasoline tank and fuel-injection.

What will those wacky kids come up with to save the world next? Thanks Futurismic Blog and Slashdot! ::Central high School E-Tech Club

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