Boulder, Colorado To Get 40-Acre Bike Park

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Artist Rendering of the Park

Boulder to Get a 40 Acre-Bike Park
In addition to being one of America's most bike-friendly cities, Boulder, Colorado is also known for its progressive policies (such an enacting a carbon tax and creating a smart grid). Now, Boulder is getting a "a 40-acre bike park that will include a cyclocross course, a mountain bike terrain park and a pump dirt jump area, among other features." Perhaps most interestingly, the park will be built on what was once a junk yard lot on land just east of Boulder.

When the city first bought the property "cyclists came out in force for early public input sessions" on what to do with the lot, and the current plan is a result of their diligence. More description of the park after the fold."The park is intended for everyday use by all levels and ages of cyclists. It also will include all facilities necessary for events; advocates are even talking to a local charity about sponsoring a permanent start/finish line archway on the cyclocross course." The goal is to make it easy for events to be staged at the park, and to create a model that can be replicated in other cities.

Park is Good News For All
The park is good news even for non-cyclists. It replaces a brownfield site with an open space that will provide habitat for wildlife, open areas for recreation, and will help reduce storm water runoff and the urban heat island effect, all on prime-land near downtown. And at a cost of $700,000, it's a great investment in recreation infrastructure in a town renowned for its love of outdoor sports.

Via: ::Velonews and Valmnont Bike Park
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