Bought a Prius for Environmental Reasons? The New York Times Needs Your Help

We're trying to help out the New York Times with a story about Prius owners. Here's Mary Chapman's request:

I'm looking for Prius owners who first and foremost are looking to make an environmental statement with their vehicle, who specifically bought the car because they want their Prius to say "hey, I care about the environment." This is part of a New York Times article that I'm assisting with. Please contact [Removed]

The way we understand it, she's looking for people who bought the hybrid primarily for environmental reasons and not to save money on gas or because they liked the look or whatever (though those can be secondary reasons)... We'll take down the contact information at the end of the day, so if you are a good fit for this story, don't wait too long to contact Mary. Update: Okay, she has enough so we removed the contact info. Thanks to all those who contacted her!

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