Boston Metro Area to Get 150 ChargePoint Electric Car Charging Stations

Photo: Chargepoint

I Wonder What Santa Drives...

Coulomb Technologies, the electric vehicle infrastructure company, has announced that it will install 150 'ChargePoint' EV charging stations around the Boston metropolitan area. The money for this comes from a $37 million loan from the U.S. Department of Energy, and Boston will be just one of many areas that will see ChargePoints pop up like urban mushrooms. When all is said and done, Coulomb plans to have built 4,600 EV charging stations around the U.S.

Photo: Chargepoint

"The 150 networked EV charging stations will be installed primarily within the Route 495 Beltway, and available for use by any ChargePoint member," writes Liane Yvkoff.

You can use this online map of EV charging stations to find existing stations, and it'll even tell you which ones are in use and which are available. It doesn't look like the map has been updated to show the future charging points around Boston yet, though.

Here Coulomb's FAQ.

Photo: Chargepoint

via CNET

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