Bombardier 'Green Train' Uses 20-30% Less Fuel Than Other Trains, Sets Swedish Speed Record

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Photo: BOMBARDIER REGINA train for Gröna Tåget research project

Normally we try to stay away from the third person on this site, but I think it's safe to say that TreeHugger likes trains. They're one of the most efficient ways to move goods and people over long distances, and from this passenger's perspective are the far most enjoyable form of public transit. That said, Bombardier has announced one more reason why you should like trains.

'Green Train Project' Makes Test Trip
In Swedish it's a Gröna Tåget, but in English you can call it a Green Train. Developed by Banverket the Swedish Railway Administration and Bombardier, the train is based on Bombardier's Regina model.
Kitted out with ECO4 energy efficiency gadgetry, such as Bombardier's MITRAC Permanent Magnet Motor and an assistance system which allows the driver to monitor speed and traction force, this new train not only set a new Swedish speed record (295 km/h; 183 mph) but consumes 20-30% less energy than your average train.

A Faster, Yet Smoother Trip
Bombardier also says that the train has been equipped with "track-friendly bogies" which allow for increased running stability and less wheel wear on curved tracks. Passenger comfort has not been neglected, with an active lateral suspension system, for a more stable train travel experience.

The Green Train Project began in 2005 and is scheduled to run until 2010 or 2011. Which presumably means none of us will actually be taking a passenger trip in the Gröna Tåget for a couple of years.

Nothing like making a good thing even better.

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