Bogota's Amazing Bus Rapid Transit Keeps Getting Better (Video)

Moving 1.7 People Every Single Day!
This is how bus rapid transit (BRT) should be! TransMilenio's 104 stations allow the citizens of Bogota (in Colombia) to get to work, move around the city, run errands... All of that very conveniently and quickly - thanks to reserved bus lanes - while harming the environment as little as possible. BRT is cheaper and more flexible than both underground subways and above-ground light rail, and it can be made quite green if you run the busses on biogas CNG or biodiesel (both fuel types can be combined with hybrid drivetrains for even more fuel savings). Check out the video above and see the future of BRTs! Via Streetfilms. See also: Bogota's Amazing Bikeways! (Video) and Green Commuting at Google! (Video)

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