Bob Lutz Defends the Chevy Volt on Letterman, Talks About EV1 (Video)

The Duel that Wasn't
It all started when Tesla Motors CEO Elon Musk went on David Letterman to show the Tesla Model S electric car. During the conversation, the Chevy Volt was mentioned negatively, so of course Bob Lutz had to come on the show to defend GM's new halo car. That was last night, and we have the video of the interview below.

Lutz does a decent job of explaining the difference between a plug-in series hybrid like the Volt and a battery electric vehicle like the Tesla, though I guess he could have been a bit clearer about how most people probably won't see the gas engine kick in too often.

What he didn't mention is how many Volts GM will make (not yet clear, but probably in the tens of thousands for the first few years -- supply will probably be much lower than demand so it might be hard to get). But GM did say that the Volt would stick around even if it lost money...

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