BMW's Club of Pioneers


We don't think much of BMW's Hydrogen 7, and do think that their Street Carver is probably a better solution for getting around, but they are certainly trying to develop some green cred. Now they have launched the Club of Pioneers website, which is "about a mobile lifestyle. It gathers individuals and institutions who care about one of the most important and challenging issues of our time. The cause is in part by our mobility, that is, the emissions that change the climate around the world." BMW continues: "The Club of Pioneers is about a sustainable lifestyle. We rely on a kind of living that is responsible and aesthetic at the same time. In the fields of vehicles as much as energy technologies, design, architecture, food etc. you find new approaches to sustainability. We unite these voices on this platform and create a model for a new kind of living." which sounds familiar.

You can join the club, and earn Pioneer Miles. "As soon as you are registered in the Club of Pioneers you can interact with others and take your stance. With every contribution you make for the Club you get Pioneermiles." Crank up the miles to Level 3 and they give you a blog of your own where you can "set your agenda for a clean and polluting emission-free future" It is a sort of social networking site where you see profiles of all the members, but that is about it, no chat or email built in.

They have some interesting bloggers, including our own Nick Aster and PSFK's Piers Fawkes. who have both contributed posts worth reading.

However, ultimately I don't understand the point. While their competitor Mercedes is making a real difference with thousands of Smart Cars on the road, BMW has a useless and expensive hydrogen car, a new site called BMW CleanEnergy peddling it, and now this Club. If BMW really wanted to effectively pioneer clean energy, they should put batteries in a Mini. As for the Club, we have joined and will see how it evolves. ::Club of Pioneers