BMW Uses Landfill to Paint Cars


BMW has partnered with a bunch of folk to pipe methane gas nearly 10 miles (16km) from a nearby landfill to their manufacturing plant in Spartanburg, South Carolina, U.S. This is where they stamp out the Z series (shown above), among others. The gas will be used to power the German automaker’s paint plant, which is said to munch about half of their assembly lines energy. It's anticipated that the process, which went on line this week, will save BMW at least $1 million (USD) per year. If put to another use the energy from the gas would provide the heating for 10,000 homes a year. And in one of those lovely figures that must be so much fun to calculate, they reckon diverting the gas from landfill will save 17,000 tons of greenhouse gas emissions, about equal to driving a car around the world 4,300 times! (While visiting their site we tried a peek at their Hydrogen Car project, a bivalent 12-cylinder engine that can run on both gasoline and liquid hydrogen, but our browser failed to compute, on the virtual tour. Maybe you’ll have better luck.) ::BMW USA via Island Packet.