BMW Made The First Move On Washington State Hydro Power. Who's Next?

bmw city electric car photo

BMW City Electric. Image, via BMW.

A few weeks ago I speculated that passage of a Cap & Trade bill would cause existing US manufacturers to relocate not to China but to states with greener power. BMW it turns out has decided not to wait for the Cap & Trade rush. They are planning a $100 million manufacturing facility in Washington State. reports that BMW will use the new Moses Lake plant to build body components for a new electric car. Got that? Zero-carbon electricity used to make component parts for electric vehicles. Who wants to pen a Super Bowl ad tag line for the E-Beemer? Will the Gates mansion garage have one? We shall see.

I so hope that Buffalo New York gets some of this action. Lloyd and I have both written about that opportunity many times. (see below)More posts on Buffalo, where green power and housing are cheap.
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