BMW Developing a Steam/Gas Hybrid Engine

BMW has announced that it is developing a steam-powered auxiliary drive called the Turbosteamer. Using energy that has traditionally diappeared through the exhaust system as heat to power a steam engine, the concept has the potential to improve fuel efficiency by about 15 percent. More than 80 percent of the heat energy contained in the exhaust gases is recycled using this technology, according to BMW. Even more impressive: the drive has been designed to be retrofitted into existing gasoline-only Beemers, meaning that the entire fleet of BMWs could incrementally reduce fuel consumption almost overnight. BMW engineers tested the drive on several models, concluding that the engine compartment of a four-cylinder model offers sufficient space to accommodate the auxiliary units. The Turbosteamer is still in the early stages of development; BMW's goal is to have high-volume production ready in ten years. ::GizMag via ::Green Car Congress