BMW Considering Launching EV by 2012?

bmw h7 engine

Image courtesy of advencap via flickr

During a recent interview, BMW chief executive Norbert Reithofer revealed that the German automaker was considering bringing a battery-powered vehicle to the U.S. market by 2012 in an effort to meet more stringent CAFE standards. A final decision will come later in the year, though company officials have disclosed that initial tests have already shown such a move to be technically feasible. In addition to its 7 Series hydrogen vehicles, BMW is planning on expanding its roster of eco-friendly cars by partnering with GM and Mercedes to build hybrid models.It recently set up a group to examine what types of vehicles and services would best accommodate the needs of people living in large cities, called Project i, and is mulling over a decision to create a fourth brand (or perhaps bring back the Isetta brand, as Autoblog's Jonathon Ramsey mentioned here). Reithofer has been very critical of the European Commission's plan to lower carbon dioxide emissions and claimed the auto industry would suffer the brunt of such regulations.

Via ::Autoblog: BMW considering all-electric car for the U.S.? (blog)

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