Bluevelo Velomobiles


Given TreeHugger's penchant for bicycles (have an hour to kill? Type "bicycle" into the search field and have at it), tricycles, quadcycles and other human-powered alternatives to internal combustion, it's a wonder that we haven't featured more velomobiles. With three wheels, a protective canopy, additional storage space and power assistance, they're sort of a bicycle-car hybrid (bicycar? carycle? Okay, velomobile is better) that look like they'd fill in admirably for the traditional carbon-spewing, gas-hogging four-wheelers in many situations. Bluevelo, Canada's first velomobile dealer, thinks so, too, and have a handful of models and options to fit various styles and riding needs; the two pictured above are the sleek Go-One3 (left) and the rag-top Versatile (right). Based in Ontario (with representatives in Toronto and Wasaga Beach), their velomobiles come with a variety of configurable options, including an electric drive-train assist, suspension, lighting and even an electric horn. For those within a stone's throw of Toronto, Bluevelo offers test rides, daily and weekly rentals; they have a physical space and showroom coming soon. ::Bluevelo via ::Hippyshopper