Bluecar EV to be Launched in the Fall of 2010

bluezero electric car pininfarina bollore photo

Photo: Pininfarina
A Proving Ground for Lithium-Metal-Polymer Batteries?
After some delays and problems, it looks like the Bluecar EV by Pininfarina and Bolloré is going to launch in the fall of 2010 if crash tests are successful and the car meets safety regulations. the fall target is for rental only, though. The Bluecar will go on sale at a later, yet unknown date.
bluezero electric car pininfarina bollore photo

Photo: Pininfarina
Bollore, head of the Bollore group, said two battery plants that have recently been inaugurated in France would each have an annual production capacity of 15,000 30 kWh batteries per year by 2013.

"With this capacity we can make 30,000 Pininfarina cars or 10,000 buses, or 60,000 small urban vehicles," Bollore said. "Our objective is a mix of the three," he said. (source)

Silvio Angori, the CEO of Pininfarina, expects to sell about 2,000 Bluecar EVs in 2011. That's probably not enough to scare Carlos Ghosn...

Via Reuters

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