World-Wide Classifieds, Right in Your Backyard


BlockRocker is a brand-new site that allows users to search by location for items normally found in the classifieds section; it's like Craigslist with a world atlas. There's the usual suspects, like electronics and automobilies and sports gear, all searchable by location through an interface with Google Maps. It's a fast, easy way to see if anyone has what you're looking for, and when you search locally, there's no shipping to pay for and no waiting for your new toy. One highlight of the service is the Carpool/Ride Sharing category, though, which allows users to search through their normal stomping grounds to find someone else with similar places to go. We featured a similar service called NuRide not long ago, and BlockRocker presents a somewhat more user-friendly version because there is no signing up or logging in required; just search, and if you find what you're looking for, you're good to go. BlockRocker just went online last week, so we expect the network of available rides and other stuff to grow; keep checking back with them, or, better yet, be the first to offer something up to someone just down the street. ::BlockRocker