BioOctanic Tower: Vertical Farm Grows Biofuel for Gas Stations

vertical farm biofuel algae image

Sometimes it's just impossible to find a gas station. But not if Croatian Architects UPI2M have their way; They propose building vertical farms and biofuel factories on top of existing gas stations, using algae and bamboo grown on top to fuel up cars below. And, you can't miss them!

vertical farm biofuel algae tall image

It is a clever idea. We all support the idea of local food, why not local fuel? The reduction in fuel miles, ending of reliance on foreign supplies, and absorption of CO2 by the growing plants would make our car based culture viable again.

vertical farm biofuel algae highway image

The architects write:

By applying the Bio towers we would reduce the amount of valuable agricultural land used for production of bio-fuel plants, reduce transportation costs and related air pollution. This kind of crop production also has advantages over farming in open spaces, because it's not weather-dependant, and you can create artificial conditions which enhance the plant growth (conditions that can't be achieved in the natural environment). The visual identity of the towers is a symbol and result of their function. Beside the benefits of bio-fuel and oxygen production, we consider their architectural appearance as an added value primarily to the conscience of the city inhabitants.

vertical farm biofuel algae night image

How true. Who knew that a gas station could look so good. More at UPI-2M, found at Designboom

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