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BiodieselSMARTER magazine is a great source of information (heck, of entertainment if you love biodiesel as much as those guys) for DIYers, homebrewers, community scale biodiesel producers, and other biodiesel enthusiasts. But it now has a blog, and I must say I'm impressed with the first few posts. Jason Burroughs isn't kidding. He's seeing big, aiming high, and has a real passion for bio-d.One of Jason's first targets on the blog is the National Biodiesel Board, who he accuses of creating an unnecessary barrier to entry. He writes:

For those that don't already know (it's not a big secret), I have initiated an official "arbitration" against the National Biodiesel Board to break their monopoly on the production of biodiesel in the United States. [...] For context, DieselGreen Fuels collects used fryer oil from restaurants and pays a third party biodiesel producer a "toll" to create biodiesel from our oil. The resulting B100 is sold at retail pumps across central Texas. We are not a member of NBB, but eventually would like to make biodiesel. In order to sell a drop of the stuff, we have been led to believe by NBB that we would be required to enter into contract with NBB, which we have refused to do.

Back in 1998 and 2000, the National Biodiesel Board, with roots in the soybean industry, facilitated health effects testing in order to secure EPA approval for biodiesel to be used as an on-road motor fuel in the United States. [...]

This important approval empowered NBB with the legal right to charge others for access to the testing data, with some important limitations. They are allowed to charge a "fair" amount for access, are required to settle disputes through arbitration, and lose the lock in 2013 for Tier 1 and 2015 for Tier 2.

Well, I won't quote the whole post here. Go read it for yourself, and check out the other articles on the blog. They are all well written and interesting (if you have any interest at all in biodiesel and biofuels).

And remember bio-kids, whatever you do, don't do what this man did.

Via BiodieselSMARTER Blog (Thanks Tim Ferris for the tip!)

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